Best gallery plugins for your Wordpress site

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Almost Wordpress theme comes with its own gallery template as default. This gallery helps you show off your beautiful photos or a collection of products for your e-store or your works and portfolio that you’d like to share with the world. However, the default gallery usually lacks some functionalities that you want. That’s the time when you should look for a gallery plugin your site. 
Or course, these plugins will offer you a lot more of powerful features as well as an aesthetic appeal. WordPress has a ton of gallery plugins to choose from, so picking out the most suitable gallery plugin for your site can be confusing and daunting. In this post, we will introduce you to some of the best plugins available, both premium and free for you to showcase your gallery without stressing. Here is the list!

Justified Image Grid

Justified Image Grid is the best-selling gallery plugin on CodeCanyon. Justified makes it so easy to add beautiful galleries to any WordPress website. A great feature of this plugin is the ability to pull images from different sources including your WordPress media gallery, NextGEN Gallery, your most recent posts, images from your RSS feed and from your social accounts (Flickr, Facebook or Instagram). It does not auto crop your images but scales them down instead. It comes with over 250 gallery setting options including 20 different grid layouts, 7 lightboxes, custom color options, infinite scroll or load more, custom aspect rations, gallery filters, image animation effects, thumbnail captions and more. Its responsive design assures that your gallery will display beautifully regardless any screen size

justified gallery plugin for your Wordpress site

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Essential Grid

Essential Grid allows you to display various content  in a highly customizable grid. It offers a powerful configuration tools with over 25 different predetermined layouts, including boxed, full-width, tables, product, and video grids and layout specifically for integration with WooCommerce stores. Your grid can consist of WordPress blog posts, custom posts, WooCommerce products or a regular image gallery. Then your finished grid can be added to any area of your wordpress site using a simple shortcode. All have amazing look on any devices. This plugin enables you to modify each aspect of your grids and preview how they’ll look from within the dashboard. You can also export or import custom layouts, as well as metadata for later usage to save time and effort. 

essential gallery plugin for your Wordpress site

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Media Grid

Media Grid is a premium Wordpress plugin which helps you create unlimited responsive layouts with ease, taking advantage of masonry engine. You can easily add items, adjust size and sort them through the visual grid builder. The plugin supports complete SEO deeplinking system: tracking lightbox, filters, search and pagination but not having impact on page's loading speed. You can choose one out of 10 preset styles and easily and quickly set up it with just one click. Media Grid includes an automatic update system, so you won't lose time and effort for manual procedure any more. Every aspect of Media Grid has been created to be perfectly displayed on any screen size. It is also integrated with WP Builder and WooCommerce and compatible with WPML

media grid gallery plugin for your Wordpress site

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Video Gallery

As its name, this plugin lets you create your own video gallery in minutes with full of choices. The gallery allows you to stream Youtube and Vimeo videos by just entering the video ID. Besides videos, the gallery can also render image and audio files, and even DASH MPEG for live stream with no problem and on all major browsers and devices. It offers more then five skins to match any branding on your site, and more – you can generate your own skins with your own colors in the Design Center. It features not only standard gallery views but also other display modes such as list, wall, grid and custom layout views for the videos, ordered by likes or date. You can place adverts (video ads, image ads or iframe ads) on your videos at any time - start, middle or end of video. Video Gallery provides basic analytics which lets you keep track of how popular your videos are. From mobile to HD, Video Gallery are ultra responsive. Also has retina graphics.

video gallery plugin for your Wordpress site

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uSquare is a squared grid for Wordpress website for displaying team members, products, services, designs, blog posts or anything else in a unique and interesting way. You can add unlimited number of items to your gallery, even items from existent post and organize and change order easily just by dragging and dropping. You can even link an item (or just its image) to some other page, or make item image to be opened in Lightbox. More detail, you can customize width and height of each item, colors and backgrounds, social icons and fonts. All elements are visible and accessible with all resolutions for responsive layout. 

usquare gallery plugin for your Wordpress site

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PhotoMosaic is a cool way of showing your collection of images  Your galleries can be made from a list of images, images attached to a post/page, and categories and tags in any taxonomy (default and custom). This premium Wordpress plugin offers you options to customize columns, width, padding and link images to a URL (with option to open that URL in a new window/tab). Your image will be opened in a lightbox, then even can be zoomed out. The special thing is its CSS3 loading animations gracefully degrades to the standard WordPress gallery in old (feature poor) browsers or if a user doesn’t have Javascript enabled. 

photomosaic gallery plugin for your Wordpress site

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UberGrid has all features you should expect to present your portfolio, team, products, photos, blog posts, or anything else in a nice looking gallery. It offers 12 highly customizable cell layouts with simple “image only” mode to double-sized image + title and description mode. Grids can be either automatically created from a pool of content or customized to include only the posts you choose. There are hundreds of custom fonts included thanks to the integration of Google Fonts and it also has Google Maps integrated. It has separate settings for small screens plus an option to adjust cell size on the fly.

ubergrid gallery plugin for your Wordpress site

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Smart Grid Gallery

Smart Grid Gallery is a beautiful plugin that helps you create dynamic images grids with beautiful transitions. The plugin automatically aligns your images into grids with no cropping. You can choose any from 12 different hover effects. Fade, slide, zoom and amazing direction aware..For each image, you can easily add and modify its caption with options including text color, overlay color, font size, weight. It of course supports YouTube and Vimeo videos. You just need to add URL link, choose your own images for thumbnails and show your video in beautiful pop-ups. Smart Grid Gallery offers smart grid shortcode, which will bring awesomeness to your WordPress Galleries.

smartgrid gallery plugin for your Wordpress site

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Awesome Gallery

Awesome gallery will help you building amazing galleries using images pulled from various sources, like posts, attachments, pages, custom post types including WooCommerce products, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, 500px albums, NEXTGEN Gallery, and even RSS feeds. It allows you to lay images out in 3 different ways - "horizontal no-cropping flow" , vertical no-cropping flow and generic fixed aspect ratio gallery. You are offered 10 style presets, unlimited colors and lots of options including layout, overlay, caption and filter customization. You even can add multiple awesome galleries on the same page without any hassle. The plugin is developed to display on all the devices. And even greater on Retina-enabled or other hi-dpi devices!

awesome gallery plugin for your Wordpress site

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Next Gen

NextGen Gallery is the most famous and widely used free WordPress plugin for creating beautiful gallery with over 1.5 million new downloads per year. This plugin is perfect for photographers, visual artists, and imaging professionals. You can easily add images to gallery and even set up albums. To display your images, you are offered various layouts and the plugin adds the button in the visual editor for adding the galleries. Next Gen comes with a wide array of options for controlling size, style, timing, transitions, controls, lightbox effects, and more.

nextgen gallery plugin for your Wordpress site

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Photo Gallery by WD

Being developed by Web Dorado, the plugin is a free yet advanced plugin with a list of tools and options. You can add unlimited quantity of photos with all types of images, unlimited albums & galleries. The galleries can be combined to make a single gallery. It provides multiple galley views including Gallery carousel, Instagram Gallery, Thumbnail gallery, Facebook Gallery and others. Not only images, this plugin also supports audio and video that will enable you to create a YouTube gallery or a Vimeo video gallery quick and easy. This is a fully responsive plugin, so your gallery will look amazing on all devices 

wd gallery plugin for your Wordpress site

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Gallery by Envira

This is another very popular and qualityWordpress plugin for building beautiful responsive photo gallery and video gallery in minutes. EnviraGallery puts user experience to be the first priority. This means that your galleries will always look great on all devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop). You can easily customize your EnviraGallery with its available templates or create yours with drag-and-drop gallery builder. Every gallery you build with this plugin will have built-in social sharing. EnviraGallery is one of the most SEO friendly gallery plugin with ability for meta data, deeplinks, standalone galleries, and paginaton.

envira gallery plugin for your Wordpress site

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Foo Gallery

This gallery plugin is really feature-rich, offering you loads of useful tools, which will set a new standard for your gallery. First off, you get a number of templates for each gallery you create. Or you can easily add your own with its built-in drag&drop reordering feature in every gallery you create. Then, it supports not only images but also videos. And Foo Gallery also includes support for several other lightboxes for maximum flexibility. You can easily import and convert NextGEN galleries and images into FooGallery. Being built to be extended by developers, the plugin comes packed with dozens of hooks and filters and an easy to build templating system for displaying your galleries exactly the way you need.

foo gallery plugin for your Wordpress site

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Photo Gallery by Supsystic

This is an easy-to-use photo gallery plugin that allows you to simply add galleries to your blog or website. It allows you to upload images or import images from Instagram, Facebook and other social networks. Besides images, the plugin also supports video or HTML, making sure that your gallery qqill be always rendered beautifully on any platform and any browser size. It offers variety of transition effects  (fade-in, fade-out and other effects) as well as thumbnail views of the gallery for faster access.

supsystic gallery plugin for your Wordpress site

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Image Gallery by Huge-IT

Image Gallery by Huge-IT is worth a mention on this list for a number of reasons. This is a very interesting gallery plugin which allows you to add custom titles and descriptions that get shown alongside your images.This plugins provides several layouts for you to display your images including grid layout, masonry layout, sliders. You also get a nice pop-up/lightbox when your images are opened. Youtube and Vimeo videos are also supported. Even this plugin offer rating button so that your visitors can rate your images with Heart button or Like/Dislike button. There are a lot more other features. Just install plugin and see the result of your creativeness.

hugeit gallery plugin for your Wordpress site

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