7 Best Free Wordpress Live Chat plugins

Submitted by Cindy on Thu, 02/22/2018 - 11:07

Explore some hand-picked plugins to create a live conversation with your customers for your Wordpress websites.
For any business, customer support now is an important factor to contribute to its success. Customers want their questions and issues to be quickly, even instantly replied and solved. A chat is worth a thousand emails and that's why a live chat should be provided. A live chat box helps you talking to customers in real time, which increases customer satisfaction. In this article, we would like to share you the 7 best live chat plugin for your WordPress site that are very useful and professional yet easy to install and setup, more importantly, they are all free. 


Zendesk is the most popular live chat plugin for WordPress users with over 150,000 installation. Zendesk is great solution for your customer support service because it helps to reply and answer your customer quickly when they have questions.  With Zendesk, you can manage several conversations at once. You can also set up triggers to automatically reach out to every visitor instead of chatting with every single person yourself. Zendesk supporst conversation history as well as chat rating for customers to feedback and improve the service. It is available in iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry apps so you can use the chat system on your mobile device. Other highlighted features should be mentioned are multilingual support (over 40 languages), advanced analytics and color scheme customization

Zendesk Free Wordpress Live Chat plugins


WP Live Chat Support

This is a free yet  fully functional live chat plugin that helps to increase your conversion rates by communicating directly with your visitors. It supports unlimited simultaneous live chats and allows the live chat box to automatically pop up. All chats are also stored and you can access historical live chat records easily. You can ban visitors from chatting to you based on IP Address and enable or disable the chat box on mobile devices. WP Live Chat Support comes with with 6 pre-defined chat box skins to choose from. Visitors able to drag it anywhere on screen for their most convenience and leave offline message when the staff is unavailable. There are also a bunch of other useful features that will definitely impress you. 

WP Live Chat Support Free Wordpress Live Chat plugins


Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live Chat is one of the easiest live chat Wordpress plugins which helps you to easily communicate with your customwers – once you install and activate it, you'll be ready to go. The plugin come in three outstanding designs so that you can adjust color scheme to your needs. You can manage chats by installing a dedicated desktop, iOS, or Android app. It also supports offline messages in case you are unavailable for chatting. Additionally, you can continue the conversation via email if your visitor leaves the chat. Tidio Live Chat supports multi languages and integrate with Zendesk, GetResponse, SalesForce and MailChimp and many more…

Tidio Live Chat Free Wordpress Live Chat plugins


My Live Chat

My Live Chat is an excellent live chat solution for your Wordpress site with a lot of useful features. This free plugin helps you to connect and chat directly with customers, monitor site traffic, and analyze visitors web activities. It is really easy to install and run the plugin, only takes few minutes and very flexible to customize. No special plug-ins, Java Applets, DLL's or ActiveX Controls needed to be installed by your users. With My Live Chat, you can customize style of chat messenger, pre-chat survey, offline message, exit survey, and other display text. Chatting history is safely kept and can be searched by admin or staff members by date range, or for specific staff or customer.

My Live Chat Free Wordpress Live Chat plugins



LiveChat provides a real-time help for your website visitors/customers with a nice chat box, which can be accessed with just a single click, at the bottom of your page.  You can customize the chat window and change the color to match the branding of your site. Then, after the conversation, your customers can leave feedback and rate their experience with your agent. They can also give you a shout-out on social media through the share buttons embedded in the chat box itself. 

LiveChat Free Wordpress Live Chat plugins


Quick Chat

Quick Chat is a self-hosted free live chat plugin for WordPress which supports private chat, chat rooms, avatars, user list, words filtering, smilies, caching plugins and more. It allows users to chat privately without having to create an account on your site and supports unlimited number of separate chat rooms. You can create a list of bad words and texts what will be banned from chat room. With Quick Chat, you can easily download chat room transcripts anytime and simply translate it into your language 

Quick chat Free Wordpress Live Chat plugins


Pure chat

Pure chat is a lightweight live chat plugin that will help your website generate more leads and drive sales.This plugin is super easy to add to your site, just three minutes for setup process and you are ready. Some of its outstanding features are: Customizable chat widget including language customization, full chat transcript history, offline message, iOS and Andoid app available, ability to know the location of your visitors and ban users by IP.

Pure Chat Free Wordpress Live Chat plugins