Best Free and Premium VueJS Admin Templates of 2018

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In this post, we have a collection of free and premium Vue.js admin templates which will help you to build a fast, reactive admin dashboards 

Vue.js is an open source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces on the web. In comparison to other complex front-end frameworks like Angular, Backbone, React, etc, it is very small and light weight and easy to use. Thus, it is really a worthy framework for you to consider if you are looking for Vuejs templates, including admin template. Our selected Vuejs templates below will help you to save your time and money. You won't no longer have to build admin panel from scratch anymore. Just using ready-made admin templates, you can modify as per your needs and get a professional and convenient Admin Dashboard 

Vue Element Admin

Vue Element Admin is a great solution if you are looking for a free responsive Vuejs Admin template for your admin interfaces. This template is based on Vue.js and use the UI Toolkit -- element. Although it is free, it includes a lots of awesome features and a large number of components. Then, you could build a professional and complex Admin panel for your project.

Vue Element Admin Best Free VueJS Admin Templates

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CoPilot is an other free admin template item that is built with Vue.js and Bootstrap 3. Based on AdminLTE, CoPilot is highly customizable as well as easy to use. It contains some basic components and a clear and simple design. It fits many screen resolutions from small mobile devices to large desktops. Copilot supports every browser including IE 11, Firefox, Safari, etc. 

CoPilot Best Free and Premium VueJS Admin Templates

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Vue Paper

This is the free version of Vue Paper Admin Template. Although this is free version, yet it still has features enough toget your job done. The template has a  minimalistic design and basic components which are extracted from its pro version. With this free version, you will get 2 customized plugins, 16 handcrafted components and 4 example pages for your development process. It is completely responsive, light and easy to use. If you want more advanced features and components, you can consider to upgrade to its Pro version at $49. Its premium version will never disappoint you

Vue Paper Best Free and Premium VueJS Admin Templates

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CoreUI is a free fantastic admin template based on Bootstrap 4 & Vue JS. It is an open source admin template with a a clear and well-organized layout, bunch of nice features to help you to get start quickly and easily. It includes many components such as chart, button, table, alert and 4 example pages with over 1000 high-quality icons. The template is of course fully responsive and displays beautifully on all devices. If you want more advanced features, you can upgrade to pro version.

coreUI Best Free and Premium VueJS Admin Templates

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The very first premium template what we want to introduce you is Clear, a  perfect bootstrap admin template for professionals. This is a very popular template because of its clean code along with clear design layout and advanced features. The template is available in 2 themes: light and dark version, both of which provide the same amazing features. Upon installing, you will get multiple page layouts with over 70 pages, 4 icon families (2000+ icons to choose) and lots of custom pages. Clear is based on Bootstrap with HTML and CSS typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components as well as javascript extensions. 

Clear Best Free and Premium VueJS Admin Templates

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VueJS-Admin is a full featured admin template which is built with Vuejs2, Laravel 5.4 and Bootstrap 4. Almost every component required that you need such as charts, tables, forms, maps, etc, are added in the template. It also contains a weather widget which get your current location's weather from API.  You can modify each component's as well as the main layout and color schemes easily.  You can choose from 8 different main layout options as well as multiple color schemes. 

Vuejs-Admin Best Free and Premium VueJS Admin Templates

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Laraspace is a beautiful admin template for Laravel PHP Framework. It is built with Bootstrap 4 and VueJS and it look great on any deceive. Laraspace comes with 6 different unique themes which can be customized by no time by just editing sass file. You will also get 3 layout options with more than 50 pages and over 25 components to create your project with boost start. Laraspace includes working admin authentication, login and registration pages, 6 icon packs (1700+ icons), automatic error validations, Notifications API, Settings API and more.  

laraspace Best Free and Premium VueJS Admin Templates

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Devinvue Admin is another modern and powerful admin template for developers, designers and product managers, who wish to work with stylish admin interface. Devinvue features a fully responsive layout for smartphones. Besides its default Light, Dark and Gradient theme, you can freely design your own color schemes because the template support unlimited colors. All necessary components are included to make sure that you will find easy to build and work on your project.

Devinvue Best Free and Premium VueJS Admin Templates

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Vuely is a newly modern and attractive admin template. It is developed with Vuejs 2 and VuetifyJs 1.0.8 by experts to provide users awesome experience. The template is packed with a lots of pre-made UI elements and widgets for your comforts. structure including custom pages. Charts, graphs, data-tables, maps or anything you think of to develop your backend panel with ease. Especially, Vuely supports RTL and it comes with multiple color versions as well as light and dark mode, boxed layout and collapse sidebar style, which all gives you the endless ability and flexibility 

vuely Best Free and Premium VueJS Admin Templates

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Adminify is a fully flexible and modern responsive admin template based on Vuejs and Bootstrap 4. It comes with pre-integrated features required for your admin panel. This template features a drag and drop function to maximize and bring users convenience and effortlessness. With over 500 UI elements plus 15+ feature rich widgets and 1500 icons integrated like font awesome, themify, material icons, your admin panel will be powerful than ever. This template is design in light and dark version and boxed layout with 4 built-in color schemes and 34+ unique designed templates for different applications 

Adminify Best Free and Premium VueJS Admin Templates

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Basix is everything you need for your Admin Dashmoard. It is made with the latest Bootstrap v-4.0 components built by Vuejs to ensure a clean and modern design, blazing fast and light weight. The template gives you 60+ customizable widgets and +80 component variations for you to create any kind of layout as per your needs. It's also super easy if you need adding new components. You just call the router.js and link to navigation. With Basix, you can be assured to work on any device and screen size with the same beautiful Admin panel

basix Best Free and Premium VueJS Admin Templates

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Prime is a complete template to build a functional admin panel and dashboard. It will automatically adapt your browser. Its clean code and modern design will bring you the best user experience ever. In addition to Vuejs admin template, there are also 4 other versions for Angular 5, AngularJS, React.js, Static HTML5 and AJAX HTML5 within the package. It features 50+ ready to use and customizable UI Components to speed up your development time. Prime works on all major browsers and optimizes itself for tablets and mobile phones and be regularly updated 

prime Best Free and Premium VueJS Admin Templates

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SimplyQ Vuejs admin theme is a 100% user-friendly template which load fast and offers a nice modern as well as great features needed for any Admin Dashboard. Also made by Genesisui, this template comes in 5 different versions including Vuejs. In case you prefer any other version, you can easily switch among them. SASS preprocessor is used for CSS and Webpack for managing and automating the asset pipeline, SimpliQ helps you to accelerate your project  process without making lots of effort. 

simplyQ Best Free and Premium VueJS Admin Templates

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